The Caribbean old wives’ tales of my youth and other rubbish

Although my mum left the teeny weeny beautiful Caribbean island of St Vincent when she was just the tender age of eleven, this did not stop her from bringing the island’s entire folklore knowledge with her, not to mention the countless old wives’ tales, proverbs and adages for every imaginable situation possible. Coupled with all the British contributions too, I’m not sure how I came out of my childhood not being fearful of everything in the world. Continue reading


Five ways for us all to be better customers

I am not a consumer expert, but I am a business owner and a decent human being. I have seen first hand in recent years, how people have lost their customer etiquette and frankly, good manners.  In our small, family run business, we have sometimes been left shocked and hurt by the way people have communicated with us and saddened that we now live in times where it seems okay to be curt, abrupt, overly-demanding and rude to one another. Continue reading

Live your dreams

When you get caught up in the day-to-day of life; paying bills, household chores, poohy nappies, (feel free to fill in the blanks) _____________ and __________, it is quite easy to forget to take a look around you. To look at what you have achieved in life, from the roof over your head to the beautiful people who fill your world. To have a good look at how you got to where you are now. Continue reading

There’s something about Spain

I’ve just bought it to my own attention that I have not written very much about Spain, the country I live in and the place we have been calling home for nearly eight years. The country we arrived in on a mild May morning, 24 hours after leaving our life behind in Mexico, when it was just the two of us and our dog called Pancho. Then we were three, now we are six (three humans, three dogs). Continue reading

The ugly bits of parenting

Since becoming a parent ten months ago, I have been thrown head first into the troubling world of neurosis. Parenthood is immensely joyous, I do not need to spell that out, because those feelings are abundant, obvious and welcomed. The neurosis however,  is unwitting, annoying and intrusive. It is a powerful enemy that has the potential to turn the most rational person (me) into a confused, panicked mess (the other me). Continue reading