Why I love Cherry Menlove

The lady (I use this term ironically) in the doctors’ reception would not budge. Even though I had all of my original documents and the necessary copies except for a copy of a blank page of my libro de familia*, she would not register my son. Twenty minutes I had queued, just to be told this; a waste of my precious life. I left the medical centre knowing I would have to come back and do it all again for the sake of a blank page. I got in the car, I drove down the hill and a Justin Bieber type drove his moped into the back of my car. It was a day from hell indeed, but I was fine, baby was at home, Bieber had a broken wrist.

I know you are thinking – what has this got to do with Cherry Menlove? Bear with me.

I got in. I kicked off my flip flops, climbed into the hammock and closed my eyes. My fabric awning shaded me from the sun, but gave me all the natural daylight I needed. I listened to the bees working hard in the garden, as I swayed gently from side to side, the scent from the jasmine coaxed the foul mood from out of me.  I was home. All was well. The world was locked out and my world was locked in. I had entered my sanctuary.

You've just got to love her.

You’ve just got to love her.

Cherry Menlove is a woman who shares my philosophy on the power of one’s home. Through her beautiful, inspiring blog, website and books we get to see how her passion for her house extends past the material, into the spiritual, even. She has a positively holistic view of her home, as though it is an extension of her body, mind and soul. If you are happy in your home, you are happy in life, is the feeling she transmits. She has set about creating a stunning home for her family, which is their cocoon away from the outside world, where they grow, love, heal, bond and recuperate together. And she does it in such humble way. One might think that posting pictures of your house and talking proudly about the make overs you have created, is very pretentious. Cherry could not be further from this.  She does not show off, although done by someone else in another way, it could easily look like that, nor is she big headed. This is definitely not a ‘hey-look-what-I-did’ advert.  She goes beyond the average home and lifestyle blog to gain your understanding of how important her space is to her and her family, to their very beings, which in turn makes you want the same thing for you and your loved ones.

I am such an advocate of this way of thinking. Whether you own your home or you rent, there is nothing to stop you from creating your sanctuary and filling your house with love. Like Cherry shows too, it needn’t be an expensive venture and many projects can be done cheaply with recycled and homemade objects. I have got so many projects for this winter, I don’t know where to start. I’ve got a patchwork quilt to make, a seating area made from recycled pallets, I’ve got a trip to Morrocco to plan to source inexpensive cushions, fabrics and soft furnishings. I’ve got a herb box to make, again from recycled pallets and to get back into my vegetable growing again. We have the weather here, so there is no excuse really. If I can do just one of those things from my list, I’ll be a very happy woman.

We call our house, ‘the compound’ because especially during the winter when our businesses are quiet, we lock ourselves in and the rest of the world out and we love one another and our homely spaces around us.

From me to you…

If inspiration is rushing through your blood, I beg you to check out these two websites. Cherry Menlove’s website www.cherrymenlove.com/ for heartwarming stories and fantastic tips and advice and 1001 pallets, one of the most amazing sites I have seen in ages. If these projects don’t get you excited, you must not have a pulse.

*Libro de familia – is like the Spanish equivalent to a birth certificate. In contains names, birth dates and birth information about your children and about you as parents.


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