De-cluttering our lives: We don’t but we should!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m no Deepak Chopra. Or Oprah Winfrey for that matter, as much as I would love to be.  I am not fortunate to be skilled enough to spout so much wisdom in one day, let alone a lifetime. But I am old enough and wise enough to know that the clutter in my life constitutes a negative waste of space, quite literally. And I mean in all its forms, whether we’re talking about the fifty carrier bags* that are shoved into your one bag-for-life, the books you have read a hundred times but won’t part with (this is my particular weakness) to the clutter in your mind; the worries about things that haven’t even happened, regrets about things that have, and all the life junk that needs to be chucked out with the rest of the physical rubbish. Continue reading


I’m black? Oh yes, how could I forget!?

I’ve been a black person for a long time. Thirty six years to be precise. And when you have been a certain way for so long, you get so used to who you are that often you forget the very qualities that make up who you are as a person. Personally, the fact that I am black is quite boring. I have so many more interesting things about me;  I speak two and a half languages (the half is really a third but half sounds better), I dance really well, I sing really badly (we’re not all Beyonces, unfortunately). I’m a great cook. I can still do the splits.  I can scuba dive. I’m a doting mother, an amazing wife (ha ha!), a really good netballer and not a bad knitter. Continue reading

What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

The other day I was reading an interesting post on one of my blog friend’s blog site. She was expressing some concerns about what her pre-school son should know by the time he starts school. I ‘liked’ the post, as it gave me much to think about for when my own little man is that age, but I did not comment because I have no experience or knowledge of the subject.

Coincidentally, a few days later a friend of mine posted this amazing extract on her Facebook page from an uncredited source, and it could not be more apt, more fitting or more true. I wish I’d written it myself.

After a quick Google search, I found out that the source is actually a WordPress blogger – how wonderful! WordPress has the best bloggers! So here you go, dive in, lap it up and go back for seconds too.

A Magical Childhood

What should a 4 year old know?

It’s back to school time and children all over are starting preschool.  Many parents are frantically searching the internet to find out if their little ones are “on track” and know everything they should.

I wrote this article about what a four-year-old should know many years ago but it continues to be the most popular page on the Magical Childhood site.  I don’t think a week has passed in the past eight or so years when I have not received a letter from a parent, grandparent or teacher about it.  Parents and principals especially have said they wish more parents realized these things.

So in honor of the new school year, I’m posting it here…

What should a 4 year old know?

I was on a parenting bulletin board recently and read a post by a mother who was worried that her 4 1/2 year old did not know enough…

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Three things I’d love to know about blogging – but don’t

You only need to take a quick look at my archives or even my follower count to know that I’ve not been at this blogging malarky for long. I’ve always been slow with trends. I was still listening to music on my Sony Discman when the world had moved on to mp3 players. I get there in the end.

Although, I’ve been writing for most of my life and communicating (professionally) for a lot of it, this blogging game, (sometimes I feel it might be a game for some) is an interesting and enjoyable passion that I’d really love to get to grips with fully. Continue reading

Eat. Love. Play.

My most observant followers will have already noted that Eat Love Play is the tagline of my blog. The observant ones of you who are also followers of popular culture will perhaps have noted as well that it is based on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and film Eat Love Pray.* Incidentally, a book and film which I dislike but that’s for another blog post entirely.  So I thought that perhaps it would be nice to explain why I have chosen this tagline, to put into context what my blog means to me and hopefully what it might mean to you, the lovely, thoughtful folk who take time out of their busy lives to check-in, now and again, to see what I have to say. Have I sucked up to you enough? Continue reading

Black mum, white dad, brown baby

I realise there is nothing unique, original or majorly interesting about our set up. Our trio of colours. Our family of shades.  Had we started our family in London, we would have been as normal as the next family. But we are raising our family in Spain, in the south to be precise, where families of different colours are rare, maybe even a little curious and definitely exotic. Continue reading