Eat. Love. Play.

My most observant followers will have already noted that Eat Love Play is the tagline of my blog. The observant ones of you who are also followers of popular culture will perhaps have noted as well that it is based on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and film Eat Love Pray.* Incidentally, a book and film which I dislike but that’s for another blog post entirely.  So I thought that perhaps it would be nice to explain why I have chosen this tagline, to put into context what my blog means to me and hopefully what it might mean to you, the lovely, thoughtful folk who take time out of their busy lives to check-in, now and again, to see what I have to say. Have I sucked up to you enough?


Yes, it’s true, we must all eat in order to live. But I now know that I live to eat. My mum still swears to this day that she has never eaten such varied foods,  flavours and textures until she was pregnant with me. She travelled the world through food during her pregnancy with me and so you can see, my love for food started when I was very young. Once, a childhood friend told me she did not like my favourite dish of Spaghetti Bolagnese because it was too ‘Bolagnesy.’ We are no longer friends.

Now as an adult, I wake in the mornings with the taste of what will be that evenings dinner on my tongue. I literally cannot wait to eat and to savour. Eating is such a beautiful experience and done well it not only nourishes your body but your mind and soul too. Eating the freshest, juiciest, creamiest, richest, biggest, hottest, sweetest, tastiest foods that life presents to us, is your way of telling your body how much you love it, as well as enriching your life with such a wonderful and powerful experience. So this is why you will see from time to time, the odd food recipe thrown into my blog. It’s my way of sharing, I’m nice like that! I may not be able to cook for you anytime soon but at least you can cook something of mine for yourself, sometime soon.


Yes, it’s corny, but you really have got to have a whole heart of love in this world to get anywhere in life. Whether its love for a man, for a woman, for your neighbour next door, for food, for writing, for whatever gets the blood pumping around your veins, everyone needs a bit of it. Love is literally everywhere, so there should be no reason why we don’t have it in our lives. Through nature around us, from our communities, from the animals that share our lives to the sunrise that starts our day. Love is out there, you’ve just got to find it.

My new love apart from my baby, is my blog. Although, I have been blogging in my own head for as long as I can remember, my online blog is very new. Yet, already through it I have found so much love and inspiration amongst the blogging community. Fantastic writers, communicators and amazing people in general who are putting the most incredible stuff out there, stuff which finds its way into our hearts and gives us joy, helps us to laugh, makes us thoughtful, saddens us, informs us, educates us, depresses us, upsets us and inspires us. And that in turn is what I hope elements of my blog will bring to those whose follow it, because fundamentally it is written by me out of love.


Have fun people. Laugh out loud at least once a day, even if it’s at yourself. Actually, sometimes laughing at myself gives me the best laughs of all. The other day I realised I had been walking around my town with no eyebrows on. I am one of these unfortunate women who has tadpole shaped eyebrows. The body of the tadpole are my own real brows, the tail is drawn on daily. This day in particular, I forgot to draw on my tails. When I got back to my car, did a quick mirror check and saw what everyone else had seen, I laughed my arse off. I had been walking around with a permanent look of surprise on my face. And there was me thinking the glances in my direction were due to my new summery dress.  Sometimes, laughing is the only remedy and the best thing you can do in some situations. So I hope on occasion, through my blog, to have some fun, to make you laugh and contribute to your one recommended belly laugh a day (at the least!).

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to eat, love and play but not necessarily in that order either. I’m not that strict.

*You will see I swapped her pray for my play. I’m not religious but I am a good, decent, loving, human being. My family and friends are my gods and I am their disciple and any faith I have is in them, myself and humanity. So there you have it.


2 thoughts on “Eat. Love. Play.

    • I should be obese with the food and wine that we consume. Spanish culture is 100% based around eating. Fast food means sitting down for two courses, not three. For now I am relying on good genes, but it won’t last!

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