The greatest of gifts

Trying to live naturally...

My father in law turned 70 this weekend. He is the youngest, funniest, generous, most loving 70 year old that I know and he is best father in law ever. He is also the most annoying person in the world to buy presents for. Now that he is tech savvy, any book he wants, he orders it off of the internet, any albums he likes the sound of, he downloads them and puts them on his ipod. He’s just bought himself a nice new pair of Camper shoes and a lovely pink polo shirt for golf. In short, he has everything he wants.

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Bye bye chicken dreams

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Trying to live naturally...

I dream a lot. I can’t help it. But equally I don’t want to help it. My dreams are where all my ideas live, where I play everything out before they become a reality. In this way, my dreams are great, so long as I don’t get lulled into a dangerous cycle of keeping all my ideas solely as dreams. So one dream that I thought was nearing fruition, a dream tucked somewhere on my long, continually-being-added-to list of dreams, was the goal to have our own chickens.

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Summery shimmery couscous salad

So, my first food post has gotten off to a slightly disappointing start. I wanted to begin with something Spanishy but somehow have fallen short of Spain and landed in North Africa. Oh well, it’s close enough. And secondly, my photos taken with my crappy camera – if I can call my tablet a camera, only show the first half of the recipe! I will explain. Continue reading