Cleopatra Says goodbye…

To my lovely, blog readers, thanking you for helping me find my voice.

I love blogging and I love sharing. I enjoy following you all, reading your posts, learning, laughing, and loving your stories and getting an insight into your lives.

I have come to the realisation that although I have found my voice, I’m am not quite using it in the way that suits me best. So I have had a long hard look at what it is I like about blogging and tried to mesh that with what it is that I am doing in my life and have tried to get that result across in my new blog. (It seemed easier to start anew than to try to change my existing blog).

…and hello again

So thank you for following me this far, for your comments and wonderful insights. I would be absolutely delighted and honoured if you continued to follow me on my new and improved blog site

It’s still me, it’s still my voice but now just with a little more theme and focus.

I hope you’ll join me. Thanks for reading, as always.

Me x


De-cluttering our lives: We don’t but we should!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m no Deepak Chopra. Or Oprah Winfrey for that matter, as much as I would love to be.  I am not fortunate to be skilled enough to spout so much wisdom in one day, let alone a lifetime. But I am old enough and wise enough to know that the clutter in my life constitutes a negative waste of space, quite literally. And I mean in all its forms, whether we’re talking about the fifty carrier bags* that are shoved into your one bag-for-life, the books you have read a hundred times but won’t part with (this is my particular weakness) to the clutter in your mind; the worries about things that haven’t even happened, regrets about things that have, and all the life junk that needs to be chucked out with the rest of the physical rubbish. Continue reading

Eat. Love. Play.

My most observant followers will have already noted that Eat Love Play is the tagline of my blog. The observant ones of you who are also followers of popular culture will perhaps have noted as well that it is based on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and film Eat Love Pray.* Incidentally, a book and film which I dislike but that’s for another blog post entirely.  So I thought that perhaps it would be nice to explain why I have chosen this tagline, to put into context what my blog means to me and hopefully what it might mean to you, the lovely, thoughtful folk who take time out of their busy lives to check-in, now and again, to see what I have to say. Have I sucked up to you enough? Continue reading

Five ways for us all to be better customers

I am not a consumer expert, but I am a business owner and a decent human being. I have seen first hand in recent years, how people have lost their customer etiquette and frankly, good manners.  In our small, family run business, we have sometimes been left shocked and hurt by the way people have communicated with us and saddened that we now live in times where it seems okay to be curt, abrupt, overly-demanding and rude to one another. Continue reading

Live your dreams

When you get caught up in the day-to-day of life; paying bills, household chores, poohy nappies, (feel free to fill in the blanks) _____________ and __________, it is quite easy to forget to take a look around you. To look at what you have achieved in life, from the roof over your head to the beautiful people who fill your world. To have a good look at how you got to where you are now. Continue reading

Brand new lease of life: The joys of recycling

There are times when humankind carries out beautiful generous acts that make me want to weep with joy and upcycling* and recycling* have got to be two of those acts that do this. Admittedly, both are far down on the list after saving human lives and other more worthy charitable causes, but they are still nonetheless important socio-economic endeavours.

Continue reading