Cleopatra Says goodbye…

To my lovely, blog readers, thanking you for helping me find my voice.

I love blogging and I love sharing. I enjoy following you all, reading your posts, learning, laughing, and loving your stories and getting an insight into your lives.

I have come to the realisation that although I have found my voice, I’m am not quite using it in the way that suits me best. So I have had a long hard look at what it is I like about blogging and tried to mesh that with what it is that I am doing in my life and have tried to get that result across in my new blog. (It seemed easier to start anew than to try to change my existing blog).

…and hello again

So thank you for following me this far, for your comments and wonderful insights. I would be absolutely delighted and honoured if you continued to follow me on my new and improved blog site

It’s still me, it’s still my voice but now just with a little more theme and focus.

I hope you’ll join me. Thanks for reading, as always.

Me x


Black mum, white dad, brown baby

I realise there is nothing unique, original or majorly interesting about our set up. Our trio of colours. Our family of shades.  Had we started our family in London, we would have been as normal as the next family. But we are raising our family in Spain, in the south to be precise, where families of different colours are rare, maybe even a little curious and definitely exotic. Continue reading

There’s something about Spain

I’ve just bought it to my own attention that I have not written very much about Spain, the country I live in and the place we have been calling home for nearly eight years. The country we arrived in on a mild May morning, 24 hours after leaving our life behind in Mexico, when it was just the two of us and our dog called Pancho. Then we were three, now we are six (three humans, three dogs). Continue reading

Remembering the good

My garden overlooks a stunning, verdant valley, which a night time shimmers with the lights from the houses in the distance and gifts us grapefruit pink sunsets that can bring tears to your eyes. We walk our dogs in a beautiful mountainside pine forest, which rewards our efforts with the most delicious views of Malaga City and the Mediterranean sea and we enjoy golden beaches all year around; summers frolicking in the sea, winters walking with the dogs. Continue reading