Eat. Love. Play.

My most observant followers will have already noted that Eat Love Play is the tagline of my blog. The observant ones of you who are also followers of popular culture will perhaps have noted as well that it is based on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and film Eat Love Pray.* Incidentally, a book and film which I dislike but that’s for another blog post entirely.  So I thought that perhaps it would be nice to explain why I have chosen this tagline, to put into context what my blog means to me and hopefully what it might mean to you, the lovely, thoughtful folk who take time out of their busy lives to check-in, now and again, to see what I have to say. Have I sucked up to you enough? Continue reading


Black mum, white dad, brown baby

I realise there is nothing unique, original or majorly interesting about our set up. Our trio of colours. Our family of shades.  Had we started our family in London, we would have been as normal as the next family. But we are raising our family in Spain, in the south to be precise, where families of different colours are rare, maybe even a little curious and definitely exotic. Continue reading

The Caribbean old wives’ tales of my youth and other rubbish

Although my mum left the teeny weeny beautiful Caribbean island of St Vincent when she was just the tender age of eleven, this did not stop her from bringing the island’s entire folklore knowledge with her, not to mention the countless old wives’ tales, proverbs and adages for every imaginable situation possible. Coupled with all the British contributions too, I’m not sure how I came out of my childhood not being fearful of everything in the world. Continue reading

Five ways for us all to be better customers

I am not a consumer expert, but I am a business owner and a decent human being. I have seen first hand in recent years, how people have lost their customer etiquette and frankly, good manners.  In our small, family run business, we have sometimes been left shocked and hurt by the way people have communicated with us and saddened that we now live in times where it seems okay to be curt, abrupt, overly-demanding and rude to one another. Continue reading